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    when did we decide to start telling people that they needed another human being to be complete? a slice of pizza is still pizza, a work of art is still art, you are still you whether you’ve got someone holding your hand or not.

    someone liking you does not validate you. you are the stars, the earth, and the sun. your existence validates itself.

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    she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully

    An angel, honestly.

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    these puppies believe in you, and you should too

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    • how to stop time: kiss
    • how to travel in time: read
    • how to escape time: music
    • how to feel time: write
    • how to waste time: social media
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    [Update] It’s amazing what a difference a couple of years makes

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    Ballerine au tutu bleu, Marcel Dyf

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    Pharrell and G-Star RAW Collaborate on Jeans Made from Recycled Ocean Plastic

    Producer, singer-songwriter, and fashion designer Pharrell Williams can now add energy advocate to his long list of descriptors. The unofficial arbiter of cool has teamed up with Dutch fashion brand G-Star RAW and Bionic Yarn, a New York City-based startup that transforms fibers made from recycled plastic into durable textiles, to create a denim line made from plastic pollution pulled from the ocean. Bionic Yarn’s patented fibers are made of three layers: a core that gives the fabric strength and stretch, a middle layer of recycled material that makes up 45% of the yarn, and a top coating of any fiber—be it cotton, wool, linen, or nylon—to give the fabric the desired feel. So far, the RAW for the Ocean collection, currently being sold in stores and online, has made use of about nine tons of ocean plastic. The project is particularly significant in that it presents a novel and accessible image of “sustainability,” one which treats energy consciousness as constituent with fashion, aesthetics, and lifestyle. Indeed, what if we made caring for the environmental less about sacrifice and more about the positive opportunity to effect change and re-imagine cultural paradigms?

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    Ready for Halloween

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  • I had a fun time at the Doge Palace the other day

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